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【アジア神々の系譜】 Encounter of the Asian spirits   〜All folks gather one〜

Since 2012, We have been working to reconstruct the affected areas by means of Culture and Arts.“Genealogy of Gods in Asia” is an important project which has been working out since 2013 by cooperating with various kind of groups inside/outside Japan.
そして、文化庁平成30年度 戦略的芸術文化創造推進事業に採択されました。“世界でも類を見ない、民俗芸能の宝庫”と言われている三陸ですが、それはあまり多くの人に知られてはいません。
At last, our project was adopted as the work of the Strategic Program in Creating and Promoting of Arts and Culture in 2019. Sanriku is said to be a treasure house of traditional performing arts, and it’s unlike any other in the world, though it is little known to the people in general.

「アジア神々の系譜」では、その貴重な文化遺産である民俗芸能のエッセンスを軸とした地域発信型のミュージカル(宮城作品、岩手作品)を創り、アジア被災地のアーティストと協働し国際作品とし、2020年のオリンピック・パラリンピック文化プログラム「Beyond 2020」への参加に取り組んで参ります。
Also,we cooperate with artists in Asia who had also suffered from natural disasters,and make an international work together. We try to join the program “BEYOND 2020”, which will be held in 2020 as a cultural program of Olympics and Paralympics.

Moreover, after 2020, we will inherit the works from next generations as cultural asset in the region,provide the works continuously as contents to increase exchange population in Sanriku and settlers, and develop a new way of “reconstruct tourism” by using them. Our aim is to grow a symbiotic relationship between community and arts,we will try to beyond "Arts for appreciating".